Aputure Light Dome II

$15 per day
$45 per week
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Product Description:

The Aputure Light Dome II is an essential accessory for professional filmmakers and cinematographers who want to create stunning and cinematic images. With its 34.8″ diameter and deep profile, this high-quality softbox produces a soft, even, and natural-looking light that’s ideal for capturing intimate and dramatic scenes. The Light Dome II is also lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, making it perfect for on-location shoots. Plus, it comes with a range of useful accessories, including a honeycomb grid, a diffusion cloth, and a carrying bag, giving you even more control over your lighting.

Key Features:

  • 34.8″ (88.3cm) diameter and deep profile for cinematic and natural-looking lighting
  • Lightweight and portable design for on-location shoots
  • Quick and easy setup with a user-friendly design
  • Comes with a honeycomb grid for precise light control
  • Includes a diffusion cloth for a softer and more subtle light
  • Compatible with a range of lighting systems, including Bowens mount

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